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Charter of Duties
      Manpower Planning & Recruitment Division
Personnel Division
Estate and Works Division
Finance and Materials Division
Administration Division
Departmental Descipline, Coordination & Welfare Division
Training Devision
Legal Cell
Manpower Planning & Recruitment Division
The Manpower Planning & Recruitment Division comprises sections CAO/R-1, CAO/R-2 including (SC & ST Cell) and CAO/CP Cell.  The Division is Headed by Dy Chief Administrative Officer (MPR).  The Charter of Duties of various sections is as under :- 
Recruitment-1     [CAO/R-1]
1 Recruitment of various categories of AFHQ Cadre/Ex-Cadre Posts by various methods of recruitment expect by promotion.
2 Appointment of Casual Labourers against Gp 'D' vacancies
3 Compassionate appointments to wards of deceased /medically unfit/invalided out/retired employees of AFHQ.
Recruitment-2     [CAO-R-2]
1 Recruitment rules of various AFHQ services/cadres/posts.
2 Extension/re-employment in service beyond the age of superannuation.
3 Permission to Gp 'A' officers to take up commercial employment after retirement.
4 Re-verification of character and antecedents of employees working in sensitive organisations.
Recruitment-3     [CAO-R-3]
1 Direct recruitment to the posts of Assistant, LDC, Steno 'D', Steno 'C' etc.
2 Recruitment through deputation/absorption to posts like JRO, Accounts Assistants, Staff Car Drivers, etc.
SC & ST Cell     [CAO/SC/ST Cell]
Disposal of grievances of SC & ST employees on service matters.
Reports and Returns on SCs & STs.
Career Planning Cell   [CAO/CP Cell]
1 Matters relating to career prospects, including cadre review.
2 Work relating to Pay Commission.
3 Revision of pay scales based on Govt. Decisions on recommendations of expert bodies.
4 PEs of various organisations in AFHQ & ISOs, where AFHQ are authorised.
Personnel Division
Personnel Division is under the overall Charge of Dy Chief Administrative Officer (Pers)/Dy CAO (P).  There are three sections in this Division viz. P-1, P-2 and CRD Cell.  The charter of duties of these sections is as under :-
Personnel – 1     [CAO/P-1]
Deals with the following aspects of civilian non-technical  staff of AFHQ cadre :
1 Postings/transfers.
2 Holding of DPCs.
3 Fixation of seniority, removal from probation, confirmation and promotion.
4 Issue of ‘No Objection Certificate’ for seeking interdepartmental transfer.
5 Cases for review under FR 56 ( j ).
6 Resignation from service.
7 Deputation.
8 Posting and transfers within CAO’s office
9 Court cases pertaining to above mentioned subjects.
Personnel – 2       [CAO/P-2]
Deals with the following aspects of civilian technical staff, stenographers of AFHQ cadre and Gp ‘D’ employees :
1 Postings/transfers.
2 Holding of DPCs.
3 Fixation of seniority, removal from probation, confirmation and promotion.
4 Cases for review under FR 56 ( j ).
5 Resignation from service.
6 Deputation.
7 Court cases pertaining to above mentioned subjects.
Confidential Report Dossier Cell     [CAO/CRD Cell]
1 Maintenance and upkeep of ACRs of all AFHQ staff and officers.
2 Disposal of Presidential Appeals against adverse reports.
Estate and Works Division
This Division is under the overall control of Dy Chief Administrative Officer (Estates & Works)/Dy CAO (EW).  There are five sections in this Division, viz E-1(A), E-1(B), E-2, W(A) and W(B).  The Charter of Duties of the five sections is as under :-
Estates – 1    [CAO/E-1]
1 Allotment of accommodation to service officers employed in AFHQ/ISOs from the Defence Pool (DP) accommodation.
Reimbursement of bill in respect of rent reimbursed houses and furniture for unfurnished accomodation.
Periodic inspectionof DP Bunglows/Flats (including hired houses) located in various parts of Delhi and Noida to detect misuse/ unauthorised occupants.
Regularisation of over-stayal/unauthorised occupation of DP accommodation by Service officers on legitimate/ compassionate grounds through Inter Service Accomodation Advisory Committee (ISAAC) meetings held bimonthly.
5 Legal cases pertaining to DP accomodation, para wise comments
Estates – 2      [CAO/E-2]
1 Hiring of houses for service officers in Delhi/New Delhi/Noida
2 Inspection/Assessment of houses located in Delhi/New Delhi/Noida and sponsored by service officers for rent reimbursement
Works  (A)     [CAO/Wks-A]
1 Office Accomodation - Allotment to all constituents of Ministry of Defence
2 Office Accomodation - Major additions/alterations includeing renovation
3 Major Defence buildings and areas – Re-development and face-lifting
4 Defence Pool Residential Accomodation - additions/alterations and maintenance
5 Defence Pool Hostels/Messes – administration and maintenance
6 Budget management for Capital/Mainenance works in r/o office accomodation/DP Hostels/Messes
7 Allotment of Accomodation/space to private parties viz. banks etc.
Works  (B)     [CAO/Wks-B]
1 Maintenance of Civil/Electrical/Horticultural assets including cleanliness/sanitation and site inspections.
2 Additions/ alterations/ renovation in Army & ISOs offices
3 Allocation of funds to CPWD for maintenance and other work services
4 Monitoring of expenditure and progress of works executed by CPWD
5 Liaison with NDMC and other civil authorities for cleanliness/ sanitation of outer area around Defence buildings
6 Sanitation staff on PE of CAO’s office – administration and deployment of
7 Recommending applications for issue of validation cards (DVCs) in r/o CPWD officials.  Interaction with Security office regarding security aspects of Defence buildings
Finance and Materials Division
This Division is under the overall charge of Dy Chief Administrative Officer (Finance & Materials)/Dy CAO(FM).  There are six sections in this Division.  Material Procurement sections deal with procurement.  Stores Mgt process demands and issue stores.  Movement and Financial Management sections process TA/DA and LTC claims, HBA, and CAO’s Contingent Grant.
Stores Management-I [CAO/SM-I]
1 Furniture store
2 Surahis, Glass, Curtains and Sceneries
3 Painting, Polishing, Dry Cleaning
4 Electrical Workshop
5 Heaters, Heat Convectors, Water Cooler, AC other Hot & Cold items.
6 Consumable and Non consumable office equipment store items ( Computer, Printer, Fax machine etc.)
Note: Scale of Issue and Minimum Life of Furniture items, office equipment, etc., is given in Letter No.A/31668/Stores/CAO/SM-I dated 15 Sep 2004
Stores Management-II [CAO/SM-II]
1 SM-II Section consists of three stores i.e., Stationery Store, General Store and Livery Store.
2 Issue of wall clocks and books to ISOs.
3 Processing of Newspaper reimbursement claims.
4 Grant of permission for purchase of briefcase/handbag to officials working in ISOs and forwarding of bills to PCDA for reimbursement.
Materials Procurement-I [CAO/MP-I]
1 Furniture – Procurement and repair
2 Water Coolers
3 Shredding machines
4 Window type Air Conditioner, Heater, Heat Convector
5 Office equipments
6 Outsourcing of Casual Labour
7 Livery Store items
8 Security and Fire fighting equipments
9 Hiring of desert coolers
10 Procurement & AMC of Air Conditioners
Materials Procurement-II [CAO/MP-II & III]
1 Stationery and General Store items
2 Procurement of IT related equipment/consumables and AMCs
3 Procurement of Security related equiptment and AMCS.
4 Procurement of Hiring, Procurement of AMC of Photocopier
5 Procurement of Fax Machine and EPABX
6 Book binding and Rubber Stamps
7 Procurement of Books / Newspapers
Movement [CAO/Mov I ]
1 Processing of TA/DA claims of civilian employees posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation.
2 Processing of Conveyance Claims of civilian employees, posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation, who are detailed for election duty.
Movement [CAO/Mov II]
1 Processing of Leave Travel Concession (LTC) claims of civilian employees posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation
2 General Coordination within the sections of Financial and Material Division including compilation/submission of periodic reports/returns.
Financial Management [CAO/FMG]
1 CAO’s Contingent Grant (Budget allotted by GS/FP-2, Army HQrs).
2 TA/DA/LTC advances to civilian employees posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation.
3 TA/DA advances from Field Cash Assignment (imprest cell) to Army Officers posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation.
4 Issue of Railway warrants/Form ‘D’ to Army Officers posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation
5 House Building Advance (HBA) to AFHQ employees posted in Army Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation
6 Controlling of receipt of Govt. money as Earnest/Auction money and imprest cash for urgent temporary duty.
Administration Division
This division is under the overall charge of Dy Chief Administrative Officer (Administration)/Dy CAO (A).  There are 14 sections in this division dealing with pay and allowances, leave, service records etc. of civilian employees employed in Army Headquarters and ISOs.  The details of sections and staff wise charter of duties are as under :-
Administration – 1A     [CAO/A1-A]
All Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of Dte of Standardisation, Defence library, Central Monitoring Organisations, DGAFMS, DGAQA, Historical Section, Kendriya Sainik Board, Dte Gen of Resettlement, DIPR, Naval Psychological Research Unit (Cochin).
Administration – 1B     [CAO/A1-B]
All Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of R&D Technical and Non-Technical except DIPR.
Administration – 2A     [CAO/A2-A]
All Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of CAO’s Office and Gazetted employees of MDDS, cases of charged expenditure, cases of car/scooter advances, all cases from Air/Naval Headquarters on all aspects.
 Administration – 2B     [CAO/A2-B]
Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of DGDE, AFFPD, DGNCC, Security Office, Deptl Canteens, Non-Gazetted employees of MDDS, Coordination within Admn. Group, Coordination/conduction of function for payment of terminal benefits to AFHQ employees on superannuation under single window clearance system.
Administration – 3A     [CAO/A3-A]
Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of DGQA (Vehicle), DGQA (Stores), DGQA (Warship Projects), Dte of Quality Assurance (Electronics) and Defence Exhibition Organisation, Dte of Quality Assurance (Engineering equipments).
Administration – 3B     [CAO/A3-B]
Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of DGQA (Adm), DGQA (Armaments), DGQA (Naval), Dte of Planning and Coordination.
Administration – 4A     [CAO/A4-A]
QMG Branch (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted), JCB (Gazetted), All Gps ‘B’ (Non Gazetted), ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff of JCB All employees of Photo Litho Section.
Administration – 4B     [CAO/A4-B]
MGO Branch (Gazetted & Non-Gazetted), JCB (Sr.Tech. Asstt. Tech, Asstt., DEO  ‘A’ and ‘B’
Administration – 5A     [CAO/A5-A]
All Gazetted Officers of AG’s Branch, DG/ADG system, GS/Inf-6(Pers), GS/DG Mech. Forces (Pers), Ordnance Factory Cell, Service Sports Control Board, all non-gazetted officers of AG/Coord and Registry, AG/Ceremonial and Welfare Dte., AG Personnel Services Dte., AG/Organisation Dte. including GS/Inf-6(Pers) and GS/DGMS(Pers), AG/JAG’s Deptt., AG/Provost Marshal’s Dte.
Administration – 5B     [CAO/A5-B]
All Non-Gazetted Officers of AG/Rectt. Dte, AG/Discipline and Vigilance Dte., GS/ADG Systems, MGO Central Provisioning Cell, Store Keepers Deptt., Ordnance Factory Cell, Dte General of Ordnance Factories, OFC/OFB Staff, Services Sports Control Board.
Administration – 6A     [CAO/A6-A]
E-in-C’s Branch (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted), MES (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted), National War Memorial Museum, College of Military Engineering, Project Management Office (Defence), Image Processing and Analysis Centre.
Administration – 6B     [CAO/A6-B]
HQ IDS (Gazetted and Non Gazetted), GS/SI Dte (Gazzetted & Non Gazetted), GS/SI Dte (Gazetted & Non Gazetted), GS/MI (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted), Directorate of Public Relations (Gazetted and Non Gazetted) and also non AFHQ Officers and employees.
Administration – 7A     [CAO/A7-A]
Gazetted Officers of GS Branch (except ADG Systems, Inf-6 (Pers), GS/SI and GS/MI and DGMS (Pers), MS Branch, School of Foreign Languages, RCPO, Non-Gazetted employees of MS Branch, School of Foreign Languages, RCPO.
Administration – 7B     [CAO/A7-B]
Non-Gazetted employees of General Staff Branch, [(except ADG Systems, Inf-6 (Pers) and DGMS (Pers ), GS/MI and GS/SI].
Grievances Cell     [CAO/GC]

All Grievances pertaining to GPF and other matters of service/retired employees of AFHQ/ISOs. Receipt of RTI applications


Departmental Discipline, Coordination & Welfare Division
The Departmental Discipline, Co-ordination & Welfare Division is under the overall charge of Dy Chief Administrative Officer (Departmental Discipline, Co-ordination & Welfare) Dy CAO (DCW).  There are eight sections in this Division.  The Charter of Duties of these sections is as under :-
Coord & Welfare     [CAO/C&W]
1 Co-ordination within CAO’s office and within the Divisions coming under JS(T) of Ministry of Defence.
2 Liaison with Deptt of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Health etc., on various welfare measures of the Government and Service matters.
3 Compilation of Reports and Returns for submission to Ministry of Defence and other Organisations.
4 Implementation of the policy of the Government on Departmental Canteens and co-ordination within 16 Departmental Canteens in Ministry of Defence.
5 Installation and maintenance of official telephones for CAO’s office – both in office and in residence.
6 Organise Staff meetings of JS(T) & CAO as and when desired by him.
7 Co-ordination of matters pertaining to Parliament including Parliament questions with relation to CAO’s office.
8 Delegation of powers/financial powers to various authorities in CAO’s office
9 Matters relating to CGHS and appointment of AMAs under CSMA Rules
10 Detailment of teams comprising AFHQ civilian personnel for Election Duty and invigilation duty for UPSC examinations
11 Sports and cultural activities including Organisation of AFHQ Day and AFHQ Athletic Meet and management of Sports Fund in respect of AFHQ civilian employees
12 Welfare of AFHQ/ISOs employees including management of Welfare and Amenities Fund and holding of health camps/lectures
13 All matters relating to staff cars of CAO’s office
14 Settlement of miscellaneous disputes of AFHQ civilian employees affecting their welfare and morale
15 Detailment of AFHQ civilian staff for Republic Day/Independence Day duty and issue of invitation cards for these ceremonies
16 Publication of AFHQ Quarterly Bulletin
17 Permanent Establishment of CAO’s office
18 Deal with subjects which involve more than one Division of CAO’s office
Departmental Discipline   
  This section functions directly under Dy CAO(DCW) and deals with all disciplinary cases and vigilance matters in respect of all AFHQ Civilian Officers/Staff for which the JS (Trg) & CAO is the Cadre Controlling Authority.
Central Transit House     [CAO/CTH]
1 Functioning as Central Registry for receipt/dispatch of mail of service Headquarters and ISOs.
2 Operation/maintenance of Record Room of CAO’s Office.
3 Receipt of mail from all registries of Army HQ, Air HQ, Naval HQ, ISOs and office of the JS(Trg) & CAO.
4 Distribution of mail/dak to local offices and civil ministries located in South Block, North Block, Rail Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan, Shram Shakti Bhawan etc.
5 Under the self service scheme, the peons of the DGR, CGHQ, AFC, AFDC, DPR, Sainik Samachar, KSB, PBG, DGNCC, Historical Section, SFL and Planning and Coordination are authorised to collect/deliver mail in CTH.
6 Despatch of mail through post office – CTH dispatches mail on behalf of CAO’s Office, Security Office, Dte of Planning and Coordination, Ordnance Factories in Delhi.  AFC, AFDC and Army Headquarter Camp after affixing service stamps.
7 Mail pertaining to Foreign Countries delivery through Diplomatic Bag as well as to private addressees is accepted in CTH from Army Headquarter and ISOs only.
Official Language     [CAO/OL]
1 Translation of official documents from English to Hindi and vice versa
2 Training in Hindi, Hindi typing and Hindi stenography
3 Implementation of provisions of Official language Act and Rules and  compliance of directives issued by Dept of Official Language.
Joint Consultative Machinery     [CAO/JCM]
1 Maintain healthy and harmonious relationship between employers and employees.
2 Grant of recognition to the associations of AFHQ/ISOs Employees.
3 Ensuring compliances of CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 by the recognized Associations.
4 Ensuring compliance by the recognized Associations with their Constitutions.
5 Matters pertaining to Office Council (JCM) of AFHQ/ISOs employees.
6 Matters relating to Departmental Council (JCM) of DOP&T.
7 Dealing with the demonstration/protest, rallies held by Associations.
8 Progressing representations received from recognized Associations on service matters with other divisions.
Ministry of Defence Distribution Section      [CAO/MDDS]
MDDS is responsible for receipt, distribution and preservation of both classified as well as unclassified publications.  Main time bound task of MDDS is to supply 25,000 (approx) addressed wrappers every week to the circulation section of Sainik Samachar in DPR.  MDDS is also responsible for the maintenance of Publication Store.
Women’s Cell of MOD     [CAO/WC]
1 Constitution of the Complaints Committee to prevent sexual harassment of women workers at work place.
2 Ensuring compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the ‘Vishakha’ case in work places to prevent sexual harassment of women workers at work place.
3 Creating awareness among employees of AFHQ/ISOs against sexual harassment of women workers at work place.
4 Dealing with grievances of sexual harassment of individual employees.  Referring the cases to the Complaints Committee and monitoring the cases.
5 Counseling/guiding women employees of AFHQ/ISOs who come to the Women Cell with complaints of sexual harassment.
Electronic Data Processing Cell – (CAO/EDP)
1 Implementation of policy on e-governance in CAO's office.
2 Consolidation and evaluation of demands for computer hardware and software and consumables in CAO's office and ISOs.
3 Maintenance of computers presently held by CAO's office.
4 Development of software and modifications in the existing software for automation of CAO's office.
5 Processing of pay related data and printing of Pay bills, Schedules, Pay slips, etc.
6 Issue of computer consumables to users in CAO's office. 
Training Devision      [CAO/DHTI]
  Induction training – LDCs/ Stenographers/ Gp ‘D’ employees
  Preparatory training to appear in competitive exams – PAs/ Gp ‘D’
  Computer training to AFHQ employees
  Organising special training programmes for various categories of AFHQ employees, eg
  a.    Defence Security course
  b.    Establishment Rules
  c.    Administrative Management
  d.    Disciplinary matters
  Nomination of AFHQ civilian officers and staff to training courses conducted in various training institutes under DOP&T in India and abroad
  Nomination for Defence Services Staff College, LDMC, SDMC, NDC, etc
Legal Cell     [CAO/Legal]
This section functions directly under Director(H) and is responsible for defence cases filed in Courts and CAT

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