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Forms available for download or printing

Coord & Welfare

  1. Requsition Staff Car
  2. Form for Pensioner Identity Card (Hindi / English)
  3. AFHQ Cadres Kalyan Nidhi Society (kalyani): i) Membership Form ii) Application for Financial Assistance

Manpower Planning and Recruitment Division

  1. Medical form required for initial employment to AFHQ Service
  2. Application form for Compassionate employment / Revised Proforma
  3. Guidelines (including proforma) for applying for NOC to seek transfer to any other CG office located in the home town/ choice station

Administration Division

  2. Common Nomination Form- GPF, Gratuity and CGEGIS
  3. Leave Application - CL/RH  /  EL/HPL / Child Care Leave
  4. Advance for MC/PC-Application
  5. Advance for MC/PC-Mortagage bond
  6. Advance for MC/PC-Agreement
  7. Pay Details(To be filled upon return from Air HQ/other establishments)
  8. Certificate for claiming HRA
  9. GPF-Final Payment / GPF- Advance/Withdrawl
  10. Immovable Property-intimation/sanction
  11. Movable Property-intimation/sanction
  12. NOC for Passport/Visa
  13. Proforma for Private Abroad Visit
  14. Tuition Fee-Reimbursement
  15. Annual Immovable Property Return Form
  16. Proforma for Obtaining Approval of the Cadre Controlling Authority for Forwarding of Application for Deputation
  17. No Report Certificate
  18. Retirement cum Family Pension
  19. Pay Fixation- Option Certificate under FR- 22 an undertaking (in pdf Format),(in doc Format)
  20. New/Duplicate/Revised Permanent Identity Card

New Pension Scheme (NPS)

  1. Subscriber Registration Form-CSRF
  2. Annex i to CSRF for Tier-II
  3. Annex i
  4. Annex ii
  5. Annex iii
  6. Premature Withdrawal
  7. Withdrawal
  8. Additional Nominee
  9. Subscriber Details Change
  10. Covering Letter for Change in Signature/ Photograph
  11. Covering Letter for Subscriber Registration
  12. change in sign/photo
  13. Annex B: Docs to be Attached

Medical Cell

  1. Draft for Affidavit for duplicate medical claim paper/bills on stamp paper
  2. Draft for Affidavit on stamp paper for claiming medical reimbursement in case of death of a CGHS card holder
  3. Medical reimbursement claims for serving employee
  4. Medical reimbursement claims for pensioners beneficiaries
  5. Application for CGHS Card
  6. CGHS-Addition/Deletion of member
  7. CGHS- Renewal Form
  8. CGHS-Transfer of Dispensary
  9. Medical Permission Form- Annual Health Checkup
  10. Medical Permission Form-CGHS & AMA Beneficiary
  11. Medical Claim Form-AMA Beneficiary
  12. Dependent Certificate Application Form

Finance and Materials Division

  1. LTC Certificate to be Given by the Government Servant Availing LTC
  2. HBA - Application
  3. Mortagage
  4. LTC advance - Application -(In Hindi)(In English)
  5. LTC Claim Form
  6. LTC Final Claim Form (only for Cash Package)
  7. LTC claim Form (including Dependency Certificate)
  8. LDC- Air Travel Flight Booking Undertaking
  9. LDC- Dependency Certificate
  10. TA / DA advance - Applicaion Form for Civilians & Army personnel
  11. TA/DA claim for move on temporary duty
  12. TA claim for move on permanent transfer
  13. Railway Warrants - Application
  14. Railway Warrants - Refund of unused warrants
  15. MRO
  16. Undertaking to Be enclosed with Final Claim  reg LTC/ Temporary Duty
  17. Curtain
  18. Miscellaneous
  19. Registration of Vendors
  20. LTC Cash Package
  21. Contingent Bill


  1. Requisition for TA/DA Advance for Civilian Personnel
  2. Requisition for LTC Advance for Civilian Personnel
  3. Requisition for Surety Bond

Defence Civilian Medical Aid Fund

    Defence Civilian Medical Aid Fund
  1. Application Form for Joining the Fund (Revised Form 1)
  2. Revised Form 5D
  3. PM Suraksha Bima Yojana


  1. Application for Membership
  2. Application for No Dues Certificate