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Office of The Chief Security Officer

Forms related to Security Office

  • Form A : Forwarding of Application-cum-Record Card (ARC) for issue of Securityitised Laminated Identity Card (SLIC)
  • Form B : Application for DHQ Access Card (DAC)
  • Form C : Application for Pass to Contractual Employees
  • Form D : Application for Temporary Pass to Defence Employees
  • Form F : Application for issue of Dak Pass
  • Form G : Application for Permission to Carry Mobile Phone inside DHQ Security Zone
  • Form H : Application for issue of Camera Permit
  • Form J : Application for issue of DPR Office Card
  • Form K : Application for issue Labour Token
  • Form L : Application for issue of Visitor's Slip/Duty Pass
  • Form M : Application for issue of Vehicle Sticker/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for permanent employees within DHQ Security Zone
  • Form N : Application for CHT Driver Pass
  • Form P : Application for Defence Visitor Pass (DVP)
  • Form Q : Requisition for issue of Special Vehicle Stickers(Entry/Parking) Gate No.11
  • Declarations under Right to Information Act

    Right to Information Act empowers you to seek information from any public authority including this office.

    Click here to read the RTI Act (pdf 500 KB).
    1. Details of Central Public Information Officer
    2. Particulars of Organisation,Functions and Duties
    3. Charter of Duties for Various Activities,Buildings and Contact Details
    4. Telephone Directory of Officers